The back is not the only part of the body susceptible to aches and pains. Practically every joint on the body can be affected by small traumas, vibrations, over-use, hyper-extension and a variety of other everyday traumas that bring about annoying and painful issues. Problems such as these effectively stop the body from functioning the way it should. With today’s use of social media we are constantly typing, texting, making intricate movements with our hands, our hands contain many joints that can also become misaligned just like our spine, therefore chiropractic treatments to these joints and myofacial release protocols are used to relieve pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Scene of the Crime

There is a median nerve that travels down a tunnel in your wrist. This tunnel (composed of small bones and ligaments) can be compressed by a variety of causes. Working with vibrating tools or repetitive motion can lead to this collapse and the result is often joint pain that can be irritating and frustrating.

The Spinal Connection

Just because a problem starts in your spine does not mean it ends there.

The irritation of nerve branches in the spinal cord may be the cause of effects felt all the way down to the wrist. This is often referred to as the double crush syndrome. Imagine the way a kink in the hose can stop the flow of water all the way to the nozzle, when this occurs it can result in joint pain throughout your entire body.

Other Extremities

Before you begin to think about surgery or pharmaceuticals, remember: safe and natural chiropractic care has been shown to work on knees, ankles, shoulders and hips. It has even been shown to have an impact on jaw problems!

The Sensible Approach

Here at Waterside Chiropractic we believe it is sensible to approach the problem with conservative chiropractic care first. Before taking prescription drugs or going through the hassle and dangers of surgery, find out how our practice may be of help to you!

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