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    Dr. Amy Anderson

    Panama City Beach Chiropractor

    “I decided I wanted to try a less invasive approach.”

    I am Dr. Amy Anderson. I was raised here in beautiful Destin, FL attending high school at Fort Walton Beach High School where I was active on both the dance teams, Stars and Dolls. I had an injury while at dance practiceover the summer and a good friend of mine recommend I see a Chiropractor, it was then they discovered I had broken my tailbone. I was given options that didn’t seem like anything a 14 year old would want (lying in bed for 3 months over the summer, painful injections, or surgery to “break it back”, I decided I wanted to try a less invasive approach. Chiropractic care in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Santa Rosa Beach , Crestview , Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach

    Regular Chiropractic Visits for Panama City Beach Chiropractor
    I started seeing my Chiropractor in Fort Walton Beach and went without pain while continuing to dance all the way through High School. I saw her regularly. I remember my appointments were so informative, she would tell me something I didn’t know about Chiropractic each time. I learned that babies need Chiropractic care, along with pregnant women, when her husband was sick with the flu, he got adjusted, a variety of ages would be in the office for treatment.

    Dr. Amy Panyko’s College Education
    I started college at Okaloosa- Walton Community College in Niceville, FL and received my A.A. Degree in Health Science by this point I had been treated for a terrible Car Accident in 1997, of which again the options were medicine and bed rest. I immediately went to my Chiropractor and was back at work in weeks and did not need to take medication or continue to wear a neck brace. It was then that I started to dream of being a Chiropractor. By this time I would go to my Chiropractor first for everything! Female issues, dance class injuries, headaches, car accidents, and common colds. My MD never spent this much time with me and for similar issues it always seemed like it would require a visit to the pharmacist. So I decided to ask my Chiropractor about the profession and instantly I was intrigued at the wealth of knowledge she had on all areas of anatomy & physiology, she wasn’t just treating back pain!

    I continued my education at University of West Florida in Pensacola, FL I graduated with B.S. in Exercise Science Specialization. I did my internship at West Florida Hospital where I worked with many patients who were recovering from spinal surgery and getting treatments using occupational therapy. I spent a lot of time talking with these patients and really had a lot of compassion for them, most patients were blue collar workers-working at very physical jobs and it didn’t seem they had been given much option other than surgery to help their back pain. I would watch them recover from the surgery but would hear how it truly would affect them even after they were no longer getting therapy, some lost their job position because they couldn’t physically return to the job they were doing, or they became a liability to the company because of the surgery, their relationships suffered because they couldn’t be intimate with their spouses, they would become depressed because they could no longer fish, golf, play sports, or things they had once enjoyed. I felt WHY are they at this point and WHY did they not have help prior to surgery? This experience just solidified the desire to go to Chiropractic school and allow me the opportunity to teach people that there is something you can do before surgery! I left Pensacola, FL and moved to St. Louis, Missouri to attend Logan College of Chiropractic!

    Chiropractic College was the Next Stop
    I graduated Logan College of Chiropractic in December 2006 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and B.S. in Human Biology. I have since explored other area of Chiropractic including nutrition, allergy elimination techniques, and pediatrics. I have enjoyed practicing with my Chiropractic family at Waterside Chiropractic since 2009. I love our patient’s and am thankful to have the opportunity to work with babies and pregnant women, patients who have physically demanding jobs, post -surgical patients that haven’t had relief, car accident patients, and everyone else in an office that has it all! It is so rewarding to have a patient who has “tried everything” and know that we can get them feeling better!

    At our Panama City Beach Chiropractic Office we are always happy to listen and help. CallWaterside Chiropractic today with any questions!

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