Dr. Amy McCormick was born and raised here in Panama City, Florida. She attended Mosley High School and continued her education to receive a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of West Florida. From a young age, Dr. McCormick was fascinated with health and how the human body works. While a Junior in high school, she was able to enroll in an anatomy and physiology course which motivated her pursuit towards a career in healthcare. At that time, she did not know exactly which profession; she just knew she wanted to help people get well.

After high school, Dr. McCormick pursued her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science at the University of West Florida. After graduation, she was still unsure of what she wanted to do in healthcare. She found her true calling while researching and touring the Life University campus and their College of Chiropractic located in Marietta, GA. Dr. McCormick fell in love with the philosophy of Chiropractic, that all life is innately intelligent and that each of us is born to be healthy. While in her first year of chiropractic school, she was fortunate to have a mentor that molded her chiropractic career. Dr. McCormick trained underneath one of the most skilled practitioners, Walter Vernon Pierce Jr., whose father is the founder of the Pierce Results System. At that time is when she became proficient at analyzing the spine by utilizing videofluoroscopy (digital motion x-ray). Dr. McCormick also trained in other techniques such as Thompson, Activator, Logan Basic, Gonstead, Pro-Adjuster and Blair upper cervical.

All the training that Dr. McCormick received in school has made her even more passionate to help others live to their optimum potential! She is thankful to have this opportunity to come back to her hometown to serve and educate on what Chiropractic can do for the community.

Amy’s Personal Life

In her free time, Dr. Amy McCormick enjoys paddle boarding, fishing, yoga, CrossFit and doing anything that keeps her body active! As a doctor, she believes she should practice what she preaches, so her lifestyle is a healthy and active one. She engages in exercise at least 3-5 times a week, meditates daily and focuses on eating a vegetarian whole food diet. Most importantly, Dr. McCormick makes sure she gets adjusted to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system.