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    Dr. Christopher Ohsie

    Panama City Beach Chiropractor

    “Little did I know that a chiropractor would change my life in more than one way.”

    “I have heard of an MD, LMT, PT, DO, DA, and every other health care professional abbreviation, all except DC,” admits Dr. Christopher Ohsie.“If you had asked me if I’ve been to see a DC, I would’ve asked if we were talking about our nation’s capital. Little did I know that a chiropractor would change my life in more than one way.”

    “Having suffered from daily back pain in high school and throughout college, I had seen every type of doctor for help that gave only temporary relief, “continues Dr. Ohsie. “After being led to a local chiropractor from a friend, that first adjustment gave me the first sign of relief that lasted longer than any prescription. It was then that I wanted to join the ranks to help others the same way the natural way.”

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    Panama City Beach Chiropractor Chooses His Path

    Dr. Ohsie started his educational path towards his chiropractic path by attending college in California. After 4 years of studies and research, he graduated from La Sierra University with a bachelor’s degree in the Biological Sciences.

    Upon graduation, Dr. Ohsie attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. While at Palmer College, his curriculum included a strong emphasis on human anatomy, neurology, clinical diagnosis, imaging, X-ray techniques, chiropractic technique, and clinical applications. Outside of the curriculum, Dr. Ohsie attended various seminars to gain further knowledge to prepare for his future application. In 2011, Dr. Ohsie graduated with a degree of Doctorate of Chiropractic and continued his career goals in Florida.

    Patient Education

    “Patient education is my greatest tool, “explained Dr. Ohsie. “The greatest ability that can be conveyed is the ability to help others see that drugs and surgery are not the only way to help with neck and back pain. By being able to show patients that by clearing all interferences in the spine from pressure on the nerves through chiropractic care, patients can gain relief through a natural route, as I have.”

    Dr. Christopher Ohsie’s Personal Time

    Dr. Ohsie spends his time with family living in Seattle, Washington and Orlando, Florida. When not traveling to keep close to his family, he spends his time going to the mountains to snowboard, reading a great book, attending church, or trying to figure out how to make a recipe found online look just as good as the picture.

    Through Dr. Ohsie’s experience with chiropractic health, various health lifestyles have been gained. The doctor focuses on exercising 3 times a week, removing all fast food from his diet, utilizing organic foods in his diet, and using whole food supplements. And above all else, Dr. Ohsie makes time to get adjusted on a daily basis to keep his spine healthy.

    “I am very interested in helping others in every way, especially through chiropractic care. Give Waterside Chiropractic a call so we can ensure you live a life healthy in the most natural way possible.”

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