Dr. Gwendolyn Unique Collins was born and raised in Pensacola, FL. She attended public schools in Pensacola including Booker T. Washington High School, where she was a cheerleader. Dr. Collins has done mission work around the world.  Most recently, she went on a mission trip to Haiti, providing chiropractic care to hundreds of patients of all ages.   She has worked with world-class athletes as a member of the medical team for the Olympic Trials for Track and field in Eugene, Oregon and has been invited to return again.  She is a member of the American Black Chiropractic Association through which she attends various seminars to stay on the cutting edge of medical advancements so she can provide her patients with the highest standards of excellence.  Her mantra is “learning is a continuous process.” Her patients appreciate her results-focused care, warm personality, and her big smile.


She began her higher education pathway at Florida A. & M. University where she studied pharmacy and integrative health.  She graduated with a Bachelors in Health Science with a concentration in rehabilitation management.  She furthered her education at Life University in Marietta, Georgia and graduated with a doctorate in Chiropractic.  Her curriculum included in depth analysis of human anatomy and physiology, neurology, Tinidazole, geriatrics, imaging, physical therapy, and multiple chiropractic techniques.  She was also an active member of an Advanced Mentorship Program for Entrepreneurial Development.

Dr. Collins’ Personal Time

Outside of practicing chiropractic, Dr. Collins enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling the world to experience different cultures, and talking to people about the benefits of chiropractic care.  She has moved back to her home town, Pensacola, to make a positive impact and help others see that drugs and surgery are not the only way to help with neck pain and back pain.  She spends her day providing chiropractic care and educating patients on how the brain sends signals down the spinal cord and out to every cell, tissue, and organ in the body.  As a chiropractor, she removes the interference and pressure off the nerves enabling her patients gain relief.  These adjustment alleviate neck pain and back pain but, most importantly, helps patients regain function and mobility so they live a better quality of life.