Hello my name is Dr. Mike Smith. I’m originally from the western New York area near Niagara Falls. It gets cold up there in the winter time so I learned how to play hockey, ride snowmobiles and become a black belt in karate. Bowling was also one of my favorite things to do when it was snowing outside. I was the #1 All American Bowler in the Buffalo, N.Y. high school district my senior year. In the spring and summertime when the weather gets nice, I liked running and racing go-karts as a kid. In my junior and senior years I was a National champion in karting.

All that fun and competitive activity as a young man helped guide me into my professional career as a Chiropractic Physician. One day, I lifted a heavy engine block and had terrible low back pain. Our next door neighbor was our family doctor and at first he recommended physical therapy and medication, but it really didn’t help that much. My first experience with chiropractic was great. I remember my father had to carry me into the chiropractic office but I walked out and got right back to my competitive activities.

Chiropractic Education

After graduating high school I went to Niagara College to complete my premedical requirements. Then I chose Palmer University to attain my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. Perhaps by no-coincidence I was born on Chiropractic founders Day September 18th. I first learned this at Palmer during an all-school assembly honoring the date 09/18/1895. I thought at first, “How Great, I get a day off on my Birthday!”  So, inspired, I went on to learn the art of Chiropractic and study very hard and achieved the D.D. Palmer Founder’s Scholarship for Academic excellence.

Great results for all with chiropractic care

Some of my most interesting patients are Celebrities and Professional Race Car drivers. The results we’ve gotten have been incredible over the past 10 years. This was made possible with the latest computerized guided treatment technology and our access to the best Professional Drivers in the world. Even though these Professionals are at the “Top of Their Game”, we can make them perform better and win more consistently. It seems as if every time we provided treatment for these world class athletes, they win! Our average is over 90% win rate on race tracks throughout the United States and Europe. I believe that the treatment I provide for the drivers increases their reaction times, as this has already been proven scientifically in the literature.

On a personal note

We chose the Northwest region of Florida to practice our profession and raise our family because we were attracted by the beautiful water, beaches and genuinely warm and great people who live here. We have raised two very bright and amazing children, our daughter Michaela and our son, Race.

We feel we’ve been Blessed by God to provide the best of what our profession has for our patients and community.