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    Dr. Sheyda Isazadeh

    Dr. Sheyda Isazadeh

    “I am committed to getting our community healthier one adjustment at a time…”


    Dr. Sheyda Isazadeh was born in a village where healthcare options were scarce. Doctors only served in emergency needs. Growing up in the States, she wondered how a nation that spent so much money on healthcare was yet one of the unhealthiest in the world. She didn’t like everyone falling into a failing healthcare system and thinking they have no other option. Dr. Sheyda wanted to be a part of the change that our country needed to live not just long but strong. Chiropractic care has allowed her to give everyone an alternative option. Here at Waterside Chiropractic, we believe the power that made the body heals the body. Waterside Chiropractic’s individualized care allows her to remove the stress that’s hurting the nervous system and allow the body’s maximal healing power to allow the nervous and musculoskeletal system to work together.


    Upon graduation, Dr. Sheyda attended Life College of Chiropractic Marietta, Georgia. While at Life University, her curriculum included a strong emphasis on human anatomy, neurology, clinical diagnosis, imaging, X-ray techniques, chiropractic technique, and clinical applications. Outside of the curriculum, Dr. Sheyda attended various seminars to gain further knowledge to prepare for his future application with a focus on pediatrics, functional neurology and functional medicine. In 2016, Dr. Sheyda graduated with a degree of Doctorate of Chiropractic and continued her career goals serving those that are striving for a healthier way of life in Georgia and now in Florida.


    Patient Education

    “Knowledge is power and I feel I have an obligation to share with everyone what they want to know so that they can make the best choice for their health”, explains Dr. Sheyda. “When your body warns you something is wrong, silencing it with drugs or cutting out that part doesn’t have to be the primary approach to living better.”


    Dr. Sheyda’s Personal Time

    Dr. Sheyda is very active in weightlifting & cooking. She is in the process of writing a book, and she is constantly learning new subjects and getting an appreciation for history, science, other cultures, and people. She is an active volunteer that attends health mission trips, mentors kids, and minorities in pursuing a higher education and paying it forward to others. She is also passionate about teaching everything she knows with community healthcare classes.


    Through Dr. Sheyda’s experience with chiropractic health, various health lifestyles have been gained. Living healthy doesn’t mean quitting everything you love. She is a strong believer in moderation and that everything has its time and place. Health is a combination of different factors and as long as chiropractic care is a foundation to undo the consequences of emotional stress, the stress of daily movements, and fi-kasino-online.net stress from unavoidable toxins, everyone can live up to optimal health standards.

    “I am committed to getting our community healthier one adjustment at a time while teaching everyone how to understand their bodily functions and the warning signs. Come by Waterside Chiropractic to see how we can help you achieve more with your health goals and improve your quality of life.”
    -Dr. Sheyda Isazadeh


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