• 06 JUL 15

    Car Accidents

    Back Injury From Car Accident

    All it took was one small lapse in attention, one careless driver, and now you find yourself dealing with the drudgery of accident reports and broken taillights. It may happen in a matter of seconds, but the problems brought about by auto accidents can last long after the accident.

    Two Possible Causes

    There are facet-joints on the back of each spinal bone that are filled with nerves—these joints can often be the root of your back pain.


    And the joints aren’t the only possible issue in fact it is not uncommon to have more than one issue at a time leading to the distress and pain in the body. The discs that act as shock absorbers to our spine and sit between the vertebrae can cause severe pain as well. Trauma, over use, or poor posture all contribute to disc compromise. The spinal discs can bulge, herniate and extrude from the normal position, this in turn compresses the spinal nerves and causes aggravating pressure.

    The Choices Available

    Ignoring these symptoms is actually like ignoring a fire alarm and it will eventually worsen the current issues. Many people think they can “rest” the pain away but bed rest may actually draw out the problem. Some try stretching or exercise but it this can also stress the malfunctioning joints and cause further injury. Pharmaceuticals work to mask your pain, but do little to fix it. And surgery is a serious, costly and sometimes dangerous alternative that is rarely fully effective. It should be used as a last resort. Why not first start with a healthy, safe and natural approach to care?

    Our Approach

    Spinal adjustments have been proven effective. By allowing your spine to function the way it should, your soft tissue and discs can heal themselves naturally over time. This can help limit the involvement of nerves, easing your pain, and allowing better medizin-de.com to return.

    If your back is hurting, we are here to help. Give Waterside Chiropractic a call and let’s begin to ease your pain the safe and natural way.



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