Headaches. Many people have them… but they don’t have to.

Typically, people respond to headaches by ingesting all types of pills and harmful drugs with hoping for the best. Here at Waterside Chiropractic, we think that’s a shortsighted solution. Why? Because pain is the body’s way of communicating that something is going wrong. What we do is determine the originating cause… and then find the solution to the problem.

In this age of texting, computers, and digital media many people spend countless hours in poor posture such as forward head posture, rounded shoulders, slumped posture. Sound familiar? Well this leads to

At Waterside, our method is to examine and detect such spinal misalignments, throughout the spine and extremities, and then make gentle corrective adjustments to improve structural and biomechanical function thereby removing structural spinal and nerve interference.

So why learn to suffer with headaches or fill your body with unnecessary drugs and harmful drugs when you can stop Headaches all together! Schedule and appointment and let’s make those headaches become history.

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