The Neck is one of the unsung heroes of the body.

While the head gets all the interesting tasks (so many things to see, small, taste and talk about!), the neck has essentially one job — keeping the equivalent of a twelve-pound bowling ball precisely balance and supporting in such a way that it can maintain its correct position and orientation.

It does this all year round, seven days a week, 24 hours a day — yes, even while you’re sleeping. The neck and shoulder work hard. 

So hard, in fact, that even the smallest discrepancy in bone arrangement can throw things off, which creates the universal signal for distress in the body — pain.

And neck Pain comes in different types, and none of them are pleasant. Stiffness, soreness, sometimes sharp pains… they vary in severity and duration. Certain minor cases may be infrequent or intermittent, but if pain persists, or if your pain was the result of an accident or injury, it could be more serious. Neck pain could also be caused by herniated disc or slipped disc issues. Having a herniated or slipped disc should be examined and treated right away.

To further complicate things, neck pain can be exacerbated by emotional stress. Chronic bouts of fear, anger or frustration can make things worse by manifesting in the form of subconscious muscle contraction. Sometimes when people complain about feeling tightness, or a “twinge” or a “crick” in the neck, this is what’s going on. And when people take pills for their pain, it may stop he body from producing pain signals, but it’s not getting to the root of the problem.

At Waterside Chiropractic, we want to help you get better by examining the relationship between your head, neck and spine. In time, we make gentle adjustments to make sure everything is in proper alignment. Our techniques do not amoxil-info.net pharmaceuticals or surgical procedures. Rather, we help the body heal itself by gently adjusting the spinal positioning in the back and neck.

Neck pain relief caused by a herniated disc or slipped disc could be just a call or click away! Call today!