An abnormal curvature of the spine, sideways,called scoliosis occurs mainly in girls from the ages of 8 to 18. It begins as a distortion in posture and may become a permanent deformity. If it advances, it can also affect heart, lungs and other vital organs.

Some causes of scoliosis are a behavior routines, genetic predisposition or unknown causes. Despite the cause, detecting scoliosis early can be helpful.

Some alert parents notice clothes fitting poorly, perhaps a low hip, or high shoulder. Sometimes the uneven wear on a shoe is the big hint. Pain in the legs or back might develop while being misdiagnosed as “growing pains.”

Scoliosis might worsen if left untreated. In severe cases people might need to use unsightly braces, or even surgery attaching steel rods that force the spine to straighten.

Chiropractic Care
If you have concerns about your child, please give us a call. By retraining and sedative-meds.com the muscles, through precise chiropractic adjustments posture might improve while also improving the structure and function of the spine.

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