What Does Subluxation Mean?

The root of the word SUBLUXATION can be broken into two parts: SUB, meaning “less than”—and LUXATION, meaning “dislocation”. Subluxations occur when the bones in your spine are out of position or moving improperly—this impairs nerve function, disrupting the interaction between brain and body. If your joints are out of place the corresponding nerves are also affected.

Subluxations cause muscle pains and spasms, and put considerable stress on spinal function. By rubbing, straining, and injuring important nerves, subluxations can impact your body’s ability to properly regulate and control itself. These crucial impairments can be dangerous. They disrupt the brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body.

Though we tend to link subluxations with the most obvious symptoms (back aches and headaches, for example)—nerve impairment has been proven to impact many other parts of the body. Your nerve system sends signals throughout the body to every organ, muscle, and tissue in the body—if these signals are disturbed, impaired, or impeded, the effects can be far reaching. If we imagine the nerve system as one massive, interconnected highway—we can see how subluxations can be the root cause of pile-ups, rubberneckers, and jammed freeways.

The nerve system’s importance cannot be overestimated. It controls nearly every aspect of bestpricepharmacyfinder.com. The spine is the main thoroughfare these nerve impulses use. Thus, spinal subluxations must be eliminated or reduced in order to realize the body’s full potential!

Chiropractic examination is the only surefire way to discover these subluxations.

Call us soon! We can help you fix these problems in a safe and natural way before they get out of hand.

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